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Grafo provides you with easy access to enriched AI. No need to learn prompt or complicated data tables. No random and unnatural AI-generated writing.

Effortlessly integrate Grafo into your copies and workflow so you can scale your personalized outreach for increased engagement.

What is Grafo?

Grafo is a platform that helps you improve your cold outreach by generating sophisticated and personalized messages at scale. We use a combination of proprietary and AI technology to tailor messages so you can easily incorporate them into your email copies without needing to edit them. Grafo makes it easy for you to personalize and scale your outreach efforts, opening the door to lasting business relationships.

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Personalized outreach with just
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Integrate Grafo into
Your Workflow

Seamlessly integrate by connecting Grafo into your current tech stack to accelerate your workflows and scale your personalized outreach. Whether your sending cold emails or conducting email marketing campaigns, Grafo is your perfect solution.


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*One Credit = One Website or Email Address

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  • Unlimited Rollover Credits

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  • 7 Rewrites
  • Company Description
  • Unlimited Rollover Credits
  • 2-5 Sentences/Credit
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Grafo generate messages?

Grafo uses propriety technology that allows for consistently exceptional personalized messages. We are continually improving our messages to sound more natural.

Does Grafo generate AI-detectable messages?

Reliable AI-detectors are currently unable to identify our messages as being AI-generated. With our proprietary technology, we’re able to stay on the cutting edge and reduce the detectability of generated messages.

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

Yes. Grafo customers can cancel their monthly subscriptions at any time.

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